The Rockstar 30 Day Promise

We care about your business .We offer 3 free revisions for your video for a full 30 days after purchase.

*Revisions are limited to changing effects, backgrounds, callouts or music and narration*

Rockstar Entrepreneurial Starters Client Questionnaire

The purpose of this questionnaire is for us to get a full understanding of what you want in your videos. Some technical aspects, your goals through youtube video marketing and the overall effect you want your videos to have on your customers.

1. Do you have a camera or phone that can record in high definition?

2. Would you like a background image or video background?

3. Do you have a custom-written script if your looking for us to describe the services for your business?

4. Would you like background music in the video?

5. Would you like your customers to give testimonials to describe the quality of your products and services?

6. Are you comfortable with getting in front of the camera?

7. Are you ok with filming inside of your business?

8. Are you ok with disclosing your business’ location on film?

9. Do you want your business logo added to the video?

10. If so, do you have your logo in a digital format that you can provide to us?

11.May we please have all of your contact information to ensure prompt delivery of your video as soon as it’s completed

12.Can you describe your average customer to us?

13.What is your goal through YouTube video marketing?

14.What is the average age of your customers?

15. Is there anything you would like featured in your video?

16. What is the overall feeling that you want your customers to have after watching your videos?

17.What kind of atmosphere do you want your videos to create?

18. After a customer has watched your videos what do you want them to do next?

19. If you were a customer of your business what would you want to see in a video advertisement?

20. When a customer visits your business what is the first thing that you want them to notice?